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Selling your product on the web
Where can you find an electronic commerce (e-commerce) package that can deliver everything that your business needs? Look no further. With b-onweb's flexible e-commerce hosting packages, you can choose the hosting package and an e-commerce software package that meets your individual needs. To discuss your e-commerce requirements use the Feedback Form to send me your comments directly.

5 Basic Rules of Electronic Commerce
Follow these easy guidelines and you will be on your way to successful selling on-line!

1. Connect with your customers.The first commandment of online sales is simple: attract customers to your Web site. Customers can not buy from you if they can not find your site! b-onweb provide the tools necessary to promote your site on all search engines. 
2. Make it easy to buy  your products.
Once shoppers find your site, they need to be able to make purchases quickly and easily. The number of clicks that a shopper needs to make, and the number of pages that need to load, should be kept to a minimum. 
3. Keep your site updated constantly.
If you want customers coming back, you need to keep the site fresh. But site maintenance should be easy and fast. Our Web site publishing tools provide you with the flexibility, ease-of use, and power that you need to publish your site and keep it current. 
4. Keep customer information secure.
Security is one of the most significant concerns on the Internet. Our software makes it easy to reassure your customers that their personal information is protected from misuse. Sensitive payment information, like credit card numbers, are encrypted both in transit and on the Web server. Our shopping cart uses standard SSL encryption for transmission, and a built-in encryption engine to generate secure order logs.
 5. Do it all fast.
For a speedy site, you need powerful software. Our core database engine was engineered to be fast, efficient and compact, it is easy and affordable to get your storefront up and running quickly. b-onweb offers flexible e-commerce hosting solutions that enable you to pick the hosting service and software that meets your business needs.
Competitor Analysis Report
Keeping an eye on your on-line competitors is crucial to staying competitive.
Unlike traditional competitors who may be regionally located, competitors on the web may only be a click away, or even the link above you offering a larger range of services at perhaps cheaper rates. If you take your eye off the ball you could lose potential clients. bonweb understands this need and we are able to supply you with important information to monitor your on-line competitors.

Our services and reports will help you on three fronts.

  1. We will e-mail you whenever particular parts of your chosen competitor sites are updated and changed. If your competitor changes his prices or service make-up we will e-mail you immediately.
  2. We find where your competitors are promoting themselves within the search engines and supply you with a report detailing not only where they are but more importantly where you are. Quite apart from distilling crucial comparative evidence of their promotion strategy it also enables you to gauge their relative investment in their web site, and point to areas of improvement to your own on-line strategy to take a competitive lead.
  3. We unleash our programmable spies onto the web to trawl archives, newsgroups and sites to hunt down references and articles pertaining to your competitors. These on-line spies work 24hrs a day and deliver any new information they uncover. New information that is uncovered is manually read and filtered and put together into a report. If the information is deemed high priority  it will immediately be forwarded. Our researchers work together with the custom built on-line spies and also manually search traditional archives for leads that our on-line trained spies may have missed. Our Competitor reports are breaking new boundaries of competitor reporting and once established are indispensable to business.
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