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1. What are the differences between getting a sub-site of www.b-onweb.com/mysite.htm or my own virtual domain (http://www.MySite.com)? This is an excellent question. You are the most qualified person to make this decision, but it may be helpful to use the following table to compare your needs.

2. Do you charge anything for the amount of people/traffic on my web site?

No. Your  investment with b-onweb  is the same, even when your site begins to draw lots of people and traffic.

3. I've seen virtual domains for as low is £12 per month and as high as £200 per month. Why are the prices so different?
Great question! First, the Internet is still new, and prices always fluctuate for similar services in a new industry. Second, read the fine print. Very often, those £12.00/month deals have hidden extra costs, like monthly fees for the amount of traffic on your site. Imagine getting a great deal at £12.00/month on your own virtual domain, only to find out that when more than 100 people visit your 10MB web site each month, you have to pay an extra £0.70 per person or an extra £0.17 per MB of traffic. Those costs can add up fast. b-onweb  has no hidden charges, no matter how much traffic you have on your site. Finally, find out what you get with your virtual domain. Many low-cost servers have no value-added extras. How easy is it for you or someone else to upload your own files? How easy is it to get support? Do you have the ability to run your own CGI scripts? Etc.

4. What does the set-up fee for my virtual domain cover?
We register your name with InterNIC, configure your server, get it up and running, and connect it to the world.
How much disk space do I get? 
10 Megabyte
Virtual Domain
50 Megabytes +
Can I design the site myself and upload my own files? (FTP) 
Virtual Domain
Do I get an Email address? If so, what is it? 
Virtual Domain
What is my monthly investment? 
£3.50  pm
Virtual Domain
£9.00 pm
Are there any extra costs
Virtual Domain - One time setup fee 
How much does it cost pm for extra disk space? 
£1 / 3MB  pm
Virtual Domain
£5.50 / 25 MB pm
5. What is hosting?
Once your web site has been built it needs to reside on a computer that maintains a constant connection to the Internet. We call this kind of computer a server. This is because it serves up the web site information to Internet surfers who visit the site. The function of holding the web sites information and making it accessible to Internet visitors is called Hosting.

6. Do I have to get hosting with you?
No, you can host your site wherever you like. There are however distinct technical advantages to hosting with us. Since we built your site all the elements of your site will work proficiently with our servers.


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